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We love bikes. And there's some absolute stunners on the market at the moment. But seeing the same ones day in and day out can get a bit "old hat", so when we get commissioned to build a custom bike we give that project all the love and tenderness that only a shop full of fanatics can give. Our aim with each custom bike build is to create something that compliments the riders personality and most importantly, looks really amazing!​ This is a small gallery showing some of our most recent custom bicycle builds.


If you're thinking of treating yourself to something special, pop in and we can go over some ideas while having a cup of coffee, flicking through some cataloges and checking out some high end bikes and parts we have in store.  Even if you have a bike already that needs a bit of sprucing up, we can strip it down and have it powder coated in a fresh new colour for you. A lot of our customers who get this done tie it in with their yearly service as we'll be stripping the bike to put new parts on it anyway. If you'd like to know more about getting your bicycle resprayed, feel free to pop in, drop us an email or call us HERE