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At HUB, we're really into our bike servicing. Every member of staff in our shop rides a bike so we know how important it is to deliver a service that is reliable and also makes your commute to work or weekend ride more enjoyable. From puncture repairs, to pro wheel builds, to full strip downs and rebuilds, we can handle most repairs in store and can even offer a same day turn around. We offer a wide variety of servicing, but if you're unsure of what your bike might need, we've put our Full Service options into an easy to read table.


Once you've decided on what service you might need, or if you'd like us to check the bike over, feel free to pop by and see us. A check over and quotation is free of charge and can usually be done on the spot while you wait. From there, if you're happy with our quote, we can then book your bike in on a day that best suits you. Equally, you can always book your bike in over the phone or email. We'd love to hear from you, so get in touch at or on 0208 969 2999

"You and your bike are unique...and so is our bike servicing. We assess each bike individually and can tailor a bike service to suit you and your budget." 


"I LOVE this shop, the staff are amazeballs. Always willing to go the extra mile." - Joe Q.


"Quality advice, quality service. No bullsh*t. Just brilliant." - Peter D.


"Dog's bo**ocks - great service, very friendly, most importantly know their stuff!" - Martin G.


"Very knowledgeable staff and very straightforward and friendly. All with a passion for bicycles. Go there!" -  Kevin S.

Ideal as a mid year service for the daily commuter or for the fair weather cyclist who's bike is in need of some TLC, our Stage One is perfect for pampering your bike without breaking the bank. 

If you commute most days and average around 50 plus miles a week, you should be treating your bike to a Stage 2 Service once a year. Equally this is perfect if you've recently done a big ride or race and your bike needs an overhaul.

Our Stage 3 service is ideal for bikes that have been put through a long or hard ride and need complete stripping and rebuilding along with new components. This is not always a necessity but can work out to be beneficial and more cost effective if you have issues with your hubs and headset. 

If you own a Brompton and are stuggling to find a good shop to take it to, to be repaired, look no further. Our mechanics have been servicing Bromptons for over 20 years so have a fantastic knowldege of older models. We don't always stock Brompton parts as we usually order them specifically for repairs, so if your bike is in need of a service please feel free to pop it in for an initial quote. From there you're welcome to leave the bike with us while we order the parts or you can take it away and bring it back when suits you. Most parts take around 2-3 days to order in so you won't be without your bike for too long.

You've spotted a crack in your's the end of the world! Don't worry, there may be something that can be done! We deal with some of the best frame repairers in the biz, so if you have a damaged frame, feel free to send some photos through or bring your bike in for a check over. We usually deal with Argos Cycles and Carbon Bike Repair when it comes to repairing steel, alloy and carbon frames. They also offer a colour match service so the repair is less noticable. Before the frame is sent off to them, we offer a full strip down and rebuild service and can even keep all your components here while the frame is being repaired. While we rebuild the bike we can also replace any parts that need to be changed and service the bike for you.