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About Us

Bear with us, this is important...

Since 2003, we have been known as Halfpipe, a family run shop specialising in bikes, skateboards and snowboards. We've spent over a decade building our reputation, customer base and knowledge of our products. We've always loved what we do and we thought nothing could shake it. However, after the 2015 snow season, we got a little fed up of all the pricing and discount wars which were happening online, and we decided to take a break from stocking snowboard product. We also decided that we weren't here for people to come in and get advice from us, just to then try and find it cheaper online. We were and are here for the type of people that are seeking genuine honest advice, good customer service and a good selection of product. People that understand the value of a local independent store and who appreciate it when they do get looked after with good service and a discount when it's due. 


We're all for saving money, and we'll never charge you any more than a brand's recommended retail price. We'll try our best to compete with online prices instore and you'll always get the best after service if you decide to shop here. We've decided to go back to our roots, we're not trying to compete with your generic high street cycle shop, we want to stock products that we're excited about! That we think is cool! And hopefully you'll think are pretty cool too.

So, we made a decision to split the shop into two sites. We've kept Halfpipe for all your skateboarding needs and we've built a whole new site called HUB, just for bikes. We're still one actual shop, and you can come and see us on Golborne Road in West London whenever you like! We just felt that we needed to give each discipline the space and attention they both need. We're now stocking more of a range of high end bikes and accessories along with your everyday commuting accessories and our workshops are fully equipped and ready for any repair. Our new sites are here to extend the experience of coming into our shop. They're not there just to bombard you with product and get a quick sale. They've been built to give you as much information as possible so you can make your own mind up of where you'd like to shop.


Take a breeze through our site and if you like what you see and would like to come and visit us, why not pop in for a coffee and mooch around the shop? We're always available for a chat and you'll get nothing but good honest advice from us...even if it's not the news you wanted to hear, like the bike that's been at the bottom of your garden for the past 6 years ISN'T actually worth repairing. See you soon!